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Review: why should you read The Rosie Project?

Do you usually have fun watching The Big Bang Theory? Do you easily break into laughter with Sheldon Cooper's reasonings  towards his friends? If you enjoy this particular brainy sense of humor, you will definitely love this book.

All the adjectives for The Rosie Project that you will ever see if you look up references on the Internet, I can tell you they are all true and not exaggerated at all: sublime, pitch-perfect, extremely funny, superb, endearing, charming, fascinating, witty, compulsively readable (oh yes!). These ones are taken from the book cover and come from some reputable newspapers. They're all right. I would personally add sweet, tender, romantic, with a continuous intriguing plot that will keep you absolutely hooked on the book untill the end. A long-lasting smile on your face guaranteed while you are reading.

What is the book about?
It is the story of Don Tillman, a geneticist converting the search of love in a completely scientific process, undertaking The Wife Project, this is, designing a 16 pages questionnaire in order to find the perfect partner. He will be looking for possible candidates in web dating sites and also through some "offline" interviews. He is a scientist, that might explain why he is so methodical, structured, organized and disciplined. But he's also got asperger syndrome, although this is never said explicitly in the book -you just figure it out by context and comments-. That might explain his difficulty for social relationships and his failure in getting partners so far.

On his way he meets a woman, Rosie, of course completely unsuitable for The Wife Project since she's not fitting at all into any parameter of the questionnaire. But they will have to work closely as she is looking for her biological father and Don, as a geneticist, will have to help her. So, we have a handsome man and a beautiful woman working together and sharing a common interest (and therefore their time, too) in a very encouraging project (The Father Project). You can guess the rest, can't you?

Rosie will be putting upside down Don's perfectly scheduled, organized and structured life in a way that won't be disliking him too much. A special mention for another funny character in this story, Don's boss and best friend, who probably deserves a whole book for himself: a class of its own man. And let me leave the story here :)

What did I personally like the most?
The book has extremely amusing moments, like the "Aspis rule!" scene, the Jacket Incident, "what's happening to me" or the Coktails serving episode. Please, remember all these ones and have a thought for me if you ever read the book. Memorable moments.

I specially loved the "what's happening to me" narration. It's a tender reminder of that unforgettable moment in our lives when we are falling in love without realizing it, as we are innocent and unexperienced, and therefore a bit awkward in this area. It is so well described ... very funny indeed.

I also liked the takeaways, those little sweet messages you're picking throughout your reading. Like which ones? Well, like this permanent concern we all have about "fitting in" or that we shouldn't bother looking for love because love usually gives you a surprise entering through the back door without knocking. As the author says at the end of the book, "love has no respect for questionnaires".

Thanks to the book you remember not to be too serious in life and forgive yourself a little bit more, as actually we are all a little bit weird. The book is positive, reminding us that sometimes where we see desease or negative traits in our personality, it's all about our way of looking at them, as they can easily turn out to be our strengths. With all my respect for aspies (as they're kindly called by Don in the book), I think we all carry something of Don Tillman in our inside. And with this personal connection you feel with Don from the beginning of the book, the author achieves to have a character getting right away straight to your heart. Yes, you will inevitably end up loving Don Tillman!

In summary
Hilarious moments, nice takeways and a brainy sense of humor that will keep you grinning from ear to ear along all your reading time. This is the perfect book to have real fun and disconnect from work. Just some warning on serious danger of remaining head over heels for the main character ;)

My personal message for Don
You know what, Don? I filled in the questionnaire. I must have gone mad. I can't believe I did such a crazy thing but I did it! Maybe I should also diagnose brain overload after reading the book and may need to set up a spreadsheet to analyse this situation, hahaha!!! Got 76 points! You know what that means, don't you? It seems like I'm that type of person who needs a certain amount of science to choose a partner, too :)

I had real fun with you, Don, so see you at the next instalment for sure. 'Cause you know what happens after having an immense satisfactory experience in your life, right? Whatever it is, we always do the same thing. All of us. We just repeat.

Getting hands on The Rosie Effect in 3,2, 1 ... !!!

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